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“DiPietro Marketing Group has demonstrated a true understanding of E-commerce, far beyond most marketing companies. Not only do they know E-Com strategy including SEO and SEM, but also possess the technical skills to implement the strategy. DMG will expand your web presence and increase your top level sales revenue.”
Darryl Berlinger, President, Novative Designs, Inc.,

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is a full- service online marketing agency. We apply traditional marketing principles to internet advertising,

DMG Rings The Register By

* Increasing the amount of Qualified Prospects
* Decreasing Bounce Rate
* Increasing Conversion Rate
* Decreasing Cost Per Acquisition
* Increasing Average Order Value
* Increasing Purchase Frequency
* Increasing ROI

DMG Rings The Register With

SEM Search engine marketing
SEO Search engine optimization
eMail marketing
* List selection & rental
* Affiliate program management
Comparison shopping product feeds
* Landing page optimization
Market research
Public relations
* Promotions

Online Marketing Since 1998

DMG has been building business via online marketing since 1998. We’ll do it for your business as well. All you need to do is to take action and Get The Ball Rolling by contacting DMG.