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DMG is a seasoned, boutique marketing and advertising agency for law firms, fluent in both digital and traditional media featuring white-glove personal attention.

Our promise to law firm clients…

Seasoned, Personal Attention. The resources of a large agency providing the personal attention of a small one.

Differentiation Our work will position the firm to differentiate from competitors and answer the question “Why choose your firm to represent me?”.

Exclusivity Unlike many agencies more concerned with their own growth, DMG will not take on a firm’s competitor within the same market(s). Our law firm clients appreciate geographical exclusivity.

Finally, You’ll Know Discover what’s working, what isn’t, why & what to do about it. We’ll deep dive and figure it all out and keep you abreast of the big picture as well as details.

Fewer Vendors One marketing agency providing one day-to-day contact with law firm marketing experience eliminates pain points associated with dealing with multiple vendors.

A Marketing Department Without The ExpenseEngage us for one or many marketing efforts. Significantly less cost than in-house staffing. No vacations, benefits, sick days to worry about. Able to report to the firm’s Marketing Director or a senior individual.

Your Finger Always On the Pulse Know and understand at any given point in time the topline as to how much is allocated to each effort, when and why.

360-Degree Reporting One reporting dashboard. A single source repository of results and data from as many of your advertising sources as possible.

"What really got my attention was the holistic approach... one point of contact who handles all our advertising efforts."

Attorney Ken D.
Ken DiMizio, Sr.
Partner, Hoffman DiMuzio

Truly fluent in all media & marketing…


  • Google Ads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook, LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube, Google Display
  • SEO, Content Marketing
  • Legal Directories
  • Local Directories


  • Cable TV
  • Broadcast TV
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Print Media
  • Events & Sponsorships
  • Billboards
  • OOH (Out Of Home)
  • Direct Mail


  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • Mobile
  • Digital Video
  • Native Display
  • Digital Display
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Digital Audio
  • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)

Award-Winning. Google-Certified.

Agency-wide Google Partner status, plus individually certified Google Partner specialists.

Recognized as Top Legal Marketing Agency, Top Advertising Agency, Top SEM Company, Best PPC Agency and more.

Dozens of international awards for creative, including web design, branding, logo design, copywriting and more.

Positioning your firm as “a cut above”…

Award-Winning Creative

  • TV Commercials
  • Web Design
  • Branding / Re-Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Display Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Legal Copywriting
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"I'd never imagined that a legal marketing agency could set us apart from every other firm like you have. You captured who we are perfectly. Beautifully done."

Joseph J. Hoffman, Jr.
Partner, Hoffman DiMuzio

The most effective way to get started with DMG...

Google Ads Performance Review

  • The Best Place To Begin

Rationale: It has such an immediate impact on generating qualified traffic.

Initial Goal: A deep dive to discover what’s working, what’s not.

What's Included: We’ll analyze conversion attribution, conversion actions, conversion tracking, granular location performance, image extensions, campaign structure, budget, etc.

Google-Wide Pre-Launch Checklist

  • Making Sure Priorities Are In Order

Analytics: ensure running the newer Google Analytics 4 and that all important metrics are being tracked properly.

Search Console: configure account to accurately track organic visibility.

Google Ads: ensure conversions are being tracked and account is properly synced with GA4.

Google My Business: must be properly configured for the correct office locations and optimized for local law firm searches.

Local Services Ads: created to augment Google Ads efforts in appearing at the top of relevant search results.

Omnichannel Marketing Analysis

  • 360-Degree View Of Marketing Performance

Once we have our arms around a law firm’s Google Ads account, we can start accepting added responsibilities to begin to gain a 360-degree view to ensure the law firm’s marketing dollars are being invested wisely to the end of generating the greatest amount of quality case leads at the lowest possible cost.

Included In The 360-Degree Analysis

Advice & Counsel

Over time, as the firm gets more and more comfortable with us and / or as needed, we’ll provide advice and counsel on:

  • The website’s ability to convert qualified traffic into leads. This is a 2-step process: attract qualified traffic to the site, then the site must be able to convert. It has everything to do to with the site’s layout, design and messaging. And, if the site wasn’t designed as a lead generation design, such as most designs by Martindale-Hubbell, Justia, etc. it won’t convert as much which = higher CPL then necessary.

Point of Differentiation

On every page (usually the header) must be a statement – slogan – explaining why anyone should choose your firm over another.

  • Don’t know what it is for your firm?  We’ll help figure it out.


Yes, you need it.  Because it works.

  • Without on-going SEO, the firm will be relying primarily on paid media (PPC, mostly) to generate leads & cases.  A good mix is needed which includes qualified organic traffic.

Holistic Marketing Plan

  • Well Rounded Law Firm Marketing Media Mix

Law firm marketing is all about investing in the right media in the right proportion.  Some of this, none of that, a little of this, and that but only during certain seasons. DMG is very experienced with all media available for law firm advertising and marketing.

  • PPC: Google Ads, Google Local Services Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Legal Content: for SEO, newsletters
  • Lead-Generating Web Design
  • TV & Web Commercials / Video
  • Legal Directories: Nolo,, Justia, Avvo, etc.
  • Local Directories: Google My Business, Yelp
  • Client Review generation
  • Call Tracking
  • Creative: branding / re-branding, art direction, copywriting, production
  • Intake solutions

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