Google Ads For Lawyers Checklist [free download]

Is Your Law Firm Getting The Most Out Of Google Ads? Let's Find Out…

Advertising on Google is a great way to increase law firm leads and drive new business. A lot of legal marketing teams are advertising heavily on Google, particularly by leveraging paid search campaigns for lawyers. Makes sense, with so many people searching online for law firms or legal advice. But, Google’s tremendously complex… it takes a highly skilled team to run successful legal marketing campaigns through Google Ads. Measuring the results and defining true success can often be a difficult task for lawyers, and that’s OK.

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Who Is The Google Ads Checklist For?

If you are perhaps a senior attorney at your law firm or a partner tasked with overseeing your law firm’s digital marketing, it might be difficult to know what, exactly, to look for.

Thumbing through monthly reports from your legal marketing department or your Google Ads Agency (depending on whether your campaigns are run in-house or by a third party legal marketing agency) can get confusing. Lots of PPC data for law firm campaigns often yields lots of questions for lawyers…

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Questions The Google Ads Checklist For Lawyers Helps Answer

Attorneys Don't Ask These Questions Frequently Enough When It Comes To Their Firm's Google Ads Accounts...

This is common – you’re an attorney devoted to your practice and your particular area of law. You may be in a leadership role with your firm and have great business savvy, but your expertise likely does not extend into the complex areas of digital marketing and running Google Ads for law firms.

That’s exactly where this download comes in handy. It’s concise, specific, and straightforward.

Keep it on your desktop or print it out for the next time you’re sent a Google Ads report by your legal marketing team to know exactly what to look for.

Or, simply use the checklist for questions to send to your digital marketing team to have answered.

The bottom line is that this checklist will serve as a very useful tool to weed through the “fluff” that’s so often included in Google Ads reports and help get to the most important, bottom-line metrics.

The checklist will also make sure your campaigns are running effectively. How? DMG’s been running Google Ads campaigns for clients for over a decade… we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve also performed a countless number of audits on different paid search campaigns and so we know exactly what to look out for with Google Ads accounts for law firms.

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