Legal Marketing Agency

DMG is a legal marketing agency that can help with all marketing & advertising efforts with the focus of one goal: increasing business for you firm.

How? By creating, presenting, planning and executing custom legal marketing strategies. As an experienced legal marketing agency, DMG’s strategies aim to:

  1. Increase brand awareness and visibility for your firm, and
  2. Drive highly qualified leads to contact your firm.

We do this by implementing strategies and tactics across all media and advertising channels in order to maximize ROI for your firm.

We provide honest, open communication, reporting, assessments and insight at all time with our clients. We’re responsive and constantly available. Mostly, we allow you to do what you do best… practice law and run your firm while we help to grow your business.

Legal Marketing Services

  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • YouTube
  • Display Advertising
  • Reporting
  • Omnichannel
  • TV Commercials
  • Programmatic Media Buying
DMG has provided our firm with highly professional and engaging service for a few years and has helped our firm turn from advertising only in the Yellowbook to a diversified portfolio of digital, print, and television marketing.
Ryan H.

Ryan H.

Attorney & Day-To-Day Marketing Contact

Full-Service Agency For Law Firms

As a full-service legal marketing agency marketing agency fluent in all media, DMG is equipped to handle any and all marketing efforts in order to increase qualified leads, increase cases and help grow your practice. Our agency is happy to offer standalone services, but at full capacity we are capable of acting as your firm’s in-house marketing department.

In addition to managing different marketing efforts, DMG also offers expert reporting and analysis of advertising data across all channels. We send monthly reports on all managed media channels, plus offer 24/7 access to DMG’s reporting dashboard within Google Data Studio.

Perhaps most importantly, DMG also provides insights and recommendations… expert counsel as to what the data is telling us and recommendations for moving forward.

If you ever have questions, you have access to your agency point of contact on a daily basis. If needed, it is possible to setup monthly conference calls for reviews and analysis and/or occasional in-person meetings.

Agency Benefits; How We’re Different


It’s shocking to us how some legal marketing agencies / vendors operate… selling your law firm on their services to give a competitive advantage, then going directly to your competition down the street and giving the same pitch. As a true legal marketing agency with traditional principles, we offer exclusivity to firms within a given practice area and location. The marketing department for Coca-Cola doesn’t moonlight over at Pepsi for good reason.

Holistic Approach

DMG takes a holistic marketing approach in order to drive quality leads while maximizing ROI for your firm. We analyze your firm’s marketing efforts as a whole, rather than individually, to understand what is working, what is not, and then capitalize and execute custom strategies accordingly across all media.

Lower Costs

If utilizing us as at full capacity, DMG acts as your entire marketing department. Our agency fees are typically a fraction of the cost of staffing an in-house legal marketing team; no need to staff a marketing team with 401ks, sick days, vacation days, health insurance, salaries, bonuses etc.

Better ROI

Handling complex media buys and monthly marketing reports can be overwhelming. Our experts know exactly what to look for to identify what’s working and what’s not in order to almost immediately increase ROI based on expert analyses and custom legal marketing strategies.

Increased Leads

DMG leverages a number of different channels in order to drive new leads to your business at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) possible.

Quality Cases

Injury lawyer who gets called by car accident victims without injuries? High-asset divorce lawyer getting calls from low income areas? There are ways that DMG can help fuel an increase in lead quality, not just quantity.

Analytics & Insights

Advanced analytics and thorough analyses of your legal marketing & advertising efforts to help answer million-dollar questions like “where are my leads coming from?” and “what advertising efforts are working and which are not?”

No More Multiple Agencies

Attorneys are busy enough as it is (we know!). You shouldn’t be dealing with PPC reps, legal listing reps, TV reps, website reps, cold calls, monthly updates, etc. As your legal marketing agency of record, DMG is capable of handling day-to-day interactions with you firm’s existing media and marketing partners so you don’t have to. We work closely with you, your staff, and/or your marketing department to execute daily marketing operations while reporting back directly to you.

Saves Your Firm Time

DMG manages marketing efforts and reports to the client directly.
This allows law firms to supervise multiple marketing channels through one point of contact, allow you time to run your business and focus on day-to-day operations of running a successful law firm, trying cases, dealing with clients and so on.

Reliable Counsel

Wondering if business development strategies are achievable? Curious if you firm’s legal marketing strategy is sustainable for the foreseeable future? Have ideas about your firm or your brand that you want to flesh out? Concerned about an increase in competition or change in the marketplace? DMG can provide helpful insights to assist in answering all of those questions.

Premium Partnerships

DMG works with partners (both new and existing) on behalf of our law firm clients. Current relationships with third-parties working? Great! We’ll fit right in. Want access to our network of vendors to explore new and exciting advertising opportunities? We can help with that too (see more below).

Brands We Work With

DMG manages other vendor partners to oversee all marketing efforts. We do not look to edge out existing partners in favor of an exclusive relationship with our law firm clients. On the contrary, we look to work alongside existing partners in order to continue those relationships and maximize your firm’s returns.

Think about the value an attorney may provide a client when dealing with an insurance agency; nobody is suggesting to cut out the insurance company, but it’s probably best to have an attorney with the client’s best interest at heart advocate on their behalf. We feel the same way; as your legal marketing agency we look to make sure your existing marketing efforts are performing optimally and are best-suited for your firm.

In addition to working with your firm’s current marketing providers, DMG also leverages its own extensive partner network to make sure your firm has every opportunity to grow your practice.

A few examples of how DMG works with other providers, NOT against them:

  • Doubling the Gross Ratings Points (reach & frequency) of a cable TV buy through Comcast Spotlight.
  • Strategically decreasing yellow pages spend by over $190k over 4-years through Hibu and DexMedia without a significant drop in leads in favor of reallocating moneys to more promising advertising channels.
  • Lowering overhead costs by decreasing web hosting fees on Martindale-Hubbell websites while still maintaining a great working relationship.
  • Overseeing, managing and providing strategic creative direction on two website redesigns over a three-year period through Martindale-Hubbell’s creative & web development teams.
  • Exploring media buys through major broadcast networks such as NBC.
  • Analyzing software and third-party services such as call tracking providers, CRM software such as Clio, off-hours answering services like Ruby Receptionist and LiveAnswer.
  • Presenting opportunity buys such as print ad space in South Jersey Magazine’s special edition publication leading up to a home-town NFL team’s trip to the “Big Game.”
  • Custom IT solutions through Konica Minolta’s legal department for in-house development of hosting, CRM software, cloud-based storage and case management software and database.
  • TV campaigns fleshed out from concept to creative and through production with production teams from GCV Productions.
  • Analyzing CRM software and case management software to help answer the question “what does our marketing team need out of our leads and case database to measure our advertising effectiveness, retain more clients and increase repeat and referral clientele?”

Below is a list of brands that DMG has worked with in the past on the behalf of our law firm clients…



Legal Marketing Strategies

DMG develops strategic, custom marketing and advertising plans to drive quailed leads at the lowest possible cost.

One of the things that got my attention was the holistic approach.
Attorney Ken D.

K. DiMuzio

Partner, 28 attorney law firm

Paid Search

Advertising in front of people who are actively searching for a lawyer is a great way to increase qualified leads. The only issue is that Google Ads for law firms is incredibly competitive. That’s where DMG can provide an edge; we’ve been running PPC campaigns since 2002 and have what it takes to maximize ROI for your law firm. We constantly monitor and optimize our clients’ accounts to ensure we drive the most leads at the lowest cost across both Google Ads and Bing Ads.


SEO is a great investment for law firms. It is a strategy that, if executed properly, can pay dividends as the results build over time by increasing visibility on search engines. DMG uses a number of different SEO tactics for law firms in order to grow organic (unpaid) traffic to your website and increase leads.


TV has always been a very powerful medium for brands looking to increase awareness… it still is. But viewing habits have been changing with the introduction and evolution of the digital era. As a result, YouTube’s reach continues to expand. For law firms, online video advertising is becoming an increasingly viable way to drive brand awareness at a cost that is much cheaper than cable or broadcast television. DMG’s legal marketing department is capable of doing just that for your firm by creating top-of-mind awareness on YouTube.

eMail Marketing

Some legal marketing agencies overlook email marketing and we’re a little unsure why. Granted, every firm is different, but chances are your firm has a database with 100s or 1,000s of e-mail addresses. DMG can harness the power of email marketing for your law firm in order to increase repeat clients, increase referral rates, increase online reviews, and increase top-of-mind-awareness.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Too many law firms get this one wrong… often, legal content is written in order to reach prospects, but the content is geared more for a lawyer-audience (not the general public). DMG focuses on high-quality content and custom marketing tactics to deliver a message to your target audience that’s actually worthwhile and effective.

Traditional Media Legal Marketing Services

Cable TV

Law firms not currently advertising on cable TV can often be surprised at how cost-effective this type of media can be. When handled by an experienced legal marketing agency such as DMG:

1) brand awareness for your firm can rise, and
2) brand perception can rise.

Both help generate new leads for law firms. In addition, working with experienced media buyers and media planners can really boost reach and frequency metrics at little to no additional cost.


Reaching a large audience is a great way to increase exposure for your law firm. Whether it’s through tried and true media like broadcast tv or radio, or through newer, more targeted media such as internet radio, DMG can help deliver a message that reaches your firm’s target audience.

Print Media

The days of advertising in yellow page phone books for attorneys has come and gone, but print media outlets are still a great way to promote your firm. DMG works with publishers to maximize exposure for law firms with premium ad space and creative that’s second-to-none.


Outdoor media such as billboards and transit ads (both digital and static) are great ways to reach a working class audience and increase recognition.

Public Relations

PR for law firms is a great way to spread news about your law firm and increase exposure. PR has the power to reach a large audience and give your business a platform for growth by increasing web traffic, increasing qualified leads, boosting the presence of your brand and firm reputation as well as improve your website ranking.


Sponsorships are another great way to get your law firm front and center against your target audience. It helps boost brand affinity as well as increase reach and exposure to both new and prior clients. Whether it’s a major event or a local sports team, DMG can help find a sponsorship that makes sense for your business and negotiate a favorable pricing structure to maximize returns.

Creative Marketing Services For Law Firms

Web Design

In 8-10 seconds from the time the prospect hits any page (not just the homepage), prospects must be hit with a unique message about your firm that:

1) resonates with the prospect
2) differentiates your firm from the competition
3) converts (compels the prospect to call your firm!)

DMG is experts at executing all three and have proudly won countless number of website design awards in doing so.

Branding / Corporate Identity

When it comes to law firm marketing, sometimes it makes sense to look at and evaluate the brand as a whole. Is it worth spending time and ad dollars campaigning for a brand lacking a look and feel that doesn’t justify the stature of the company? Whether it’s an evolution, revolution, or starting from scratch, DMG’s done award-winning work crafting memorable Corporate Identity pieces.

Landing Page Design & CRO

Your landing pages are some of the most important pages on your website. First impressions are critical, especially online, so you need your landing page to simultaneously meet customer expectations, sell your product or service, and communicate trustworthiness and credibility. Most importantly – your landing pages need to convert! DMG is versed in creating, developing, testing and optimizing landing pages for law firms.

Legal Copywriting

Legal copywriting takes a balance of disciples: an expert in communications to capture the tone and essence of your firm, and a writer with a legal background who’s knowledgeable with the laws, regulations and guidelines of your practice area. DMG has access to talented legal copywriters who check both boxes and delivers top-notch content to its law firm clients.

Print Ads, Stationery & Leavebehinds

Consumers today are immersed with adverts from a ton of brands, including law firms. DMG uses a team of art directors to make sure your print materials are of the highest quality, communicate an effective message, and stand out from the crowd.

TV Commercials & Web Video

TV is an incredibly powerful medium for branding a law firm. DMG takes full advantage of this with cost-efficient but highly effective TV production methods to develop a great looking commercial for your firm that can run on TV and/or online display networks like YouTube.

Law Firm Creative Samples

Law Firm TV Advertising “All Legal Matters”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Team of Professionals”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Born Here. Raised Here.”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “All Legal Matters”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Team of Professionals”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Born Here. Raised Here.”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “All Legal Matters”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Team of Professionals”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Born Here. Raised Here.”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “All Legal Matters”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Team of Professionals”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Advertising “Born Here. Raised Here.”

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio

Law Firm TV Commercials

TV is a great way to increase your firm’s brand awareness… plus, you might be surprised how inexpensive it can be!

Web Design, Landing Pages & CRO​

Driving qualified traffic to your law firm’s website is only half the battle… you need those visitors to convert!​

Law Firm Landing Pages
Corporate Identity

Law Firm Branding / Corporate Identity​

How will your firm differentiate itself and stand out from the competition… especially in a legal vertical where law firms struggle to make an impression.​

Legal Marketing Production & Development Services

Website Hosting & Development

As marketing professionals, we understand the importance of a well-designed website that converts. Equally as important is the time and care it takes to keep the website up and running. DMG’s been working in web design, development and ongoing maintenance since the early 2000s. We know exactly what it takes to keep your website running smoothly.

TV Production

DMG regularly works with TV production companies to provide the creative and strategic tactics that are to be executed in a law firm tv campaign to make sure the commercials are successful and look great. In addition, we make sure their work is done effectively and efficiently which ultimately allows production expenses to come in on budget (and cheaper than you might think!).

CRM Outlining, Setup & Logistics

CRM software for lawyers can help streamline day-to-day processes, provide crucial insight to marketing efforts by linking the point of first contact with case management data, and help increase lead-to-client rates for your business. However, it often takes the assistance of a legal marketing department to make sure it is integrated and managed properly. DMG can help do just that to make sure this critical investment pays off for your firm.

We Love Legal Marketing!

We look forward to speaking with you and would be happy to:

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Quick and totally responsive to our needs, efficient, hard-working and so knowledgeable about all marketing trends. I highly recommend them!
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