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Social Media Marketing Agency>>> On a shoestring social media marketing budget, a campaign created 27,000 real, viable Facebook fans in 4 months and generated millions in trackable revenue, helping to turn around an Atlantic City casino.

>>> A social media marketing campaign helped bury racially slanderous and bigoted information about a CNN contributor and NYU Professor.

>>> Managing the Twitter account for a NYC media personality helped her stay engaged with followers.

The DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (DMG) Social Media Marketing Practice can help you, too.

Results With Social Media Marketing

DMG’s Social Media Marketing Practice can help accomplish different types business objectives…

* Build brand awareness
* Generate trackable revenue
* Generate leads
* Launch new products and services
* Persuade and create or change opinions

What We Do

DMG’s social media marketing team performs many, very valuable services…

* Identify and motivate key influencers
* Build, and engage with, followers, customers and prospects
* Encourage interaction
* Develop appropriate, original content
* Content syndication
* Increase linkability and reward inbound links
* Make tagging and bookmarking easy
* Create and execute promotions using social media
* Monitor effects of social media campaigns

How We Can Work Together

DMG can augment your staff by helping create strategic social media marketing plans, and / or executing your existing plans.

DMG could be your social media staff, serving as a complete outsourced solution, helping you to keep down employee expenses and saving you from the burden of locating knowledgeable, experienced personnel.

Need training of staff? DMG performs this service, too. Or, we can simply serve as a social media resource on an as-needed basis.

How To Get Started

Businesses and organizations serious about exploiting the many benefits of social media marketing should invest 10 minutes or so speaking with us. Why not contact us now…we’re ready to help you build some social media momentum.

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